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Colour & Lights

July 20th, 2010

I’d had this idea for a photo project for some time now where I wanted to shoot portraits of someone wrapped up in Christmas lights.  But I had only this vague notion of the type of shots I would like to see. The idea appealed to me though.

At one point, I resolved to try it.

I bought a roll of party lights and twisted a friend of mine’s rubber arm until I convinced him to be my subject. So that day, I pulled out my SB900 flash unit, set up and wrapped all 180 lights around him. And that’s where things got a little complicated. All because I didn’t know what type of image I wanted.

I love that I always end up learning something new through photography. I think I was initially thinking to get a shot or two of my friend lit only by the party lights, and maybe with only his face lit by a warm light. It quickly became clear that that wasn’t the look that “spoke” to me creatively.

Experimentation time!

So I moved towards a shallower depth of field and different lighting, and got shots that fit in exactly with what I had been hoping to achieve from a creative and learning standpoint.

Below are some of the results.

For the above shot, I set the camera to tungsten white balance and backlit my friend with the SB900 flash bouncing off the wall in the background. I also used a hand-held torch which I aimed at my friend’s eye. I near blinded the poor guy.

Hope you enjoyed the results of this photo shoot as much I did.

More coming soon!


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