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November 10th, 2010

I made this photograph in Paris, France, in the open space overlooking the river Seine in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

I found the inscription on the tombstone-like slab rather funny. For starters, there’s the play on the English-language “RIP” (Rest in Peace). There’s also the reference to Quasimodo‘s hump in the phrase “roule ta bosse”, which basically means “live an adventurous life”, but which translates literally as “roll your hump”. The amorous pigeons strutting about on the slab completed the comedy.

On another note, check these out:

  • The Big Picture‘s hard-hitting photo reportage on Haiti, ten months after disaster struck;
  • here, a father and his autistic son bond and grapple with the problems of autism through photography;
  • here a photoessay on a photojournalist’s experiences following, and bonding with, soldiers in the field (in Afghanistan);
  • here a post by travel photographer Gavin Gough on the importance (and the ease) of establishing a rapport with people before shooting their portraits, complete with some striking portraits; and
  • here awe-inspiring images of the Great Migrations of animals from around the world;

More coming soon!


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