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A Walk in Baabdat

August 23rd, 2009


One relatively cool afternoon, I decided to take a walk around the neighbourhood in Baabdat.

I figured a short walk would help clear my thoughts. What better company to have on a walk but my trusty camera?

So here are a few shots from that walk for your viewing pleasure.


The Cosy House

The WindowThe DoorCac-toesBlair Witch CellarThe GrillFlags! Rusty Screw

This lovely lady stopped me as I was wandering aimlessly to ask if I was looking for someone and if she could help. When I explained I was simply wandering around looking for things to shoot, she exclaimed: “Walaw! Shoot me!” She proved a brilliant subject, with such a beautiful and expressive face and a lively sparkle to her. Afterwards, she insisted I attend at her family home for a coffee and a snack. The Lebanese will often surprise you with their warmth and kindness.

Kind Eyes


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