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The Various States of Marriage

August 7th, 2010

Earlier this year, one of my dearest and best friends asked me to hop over to London to make some pictures of him and his lovely fiancée. He was hoping to use them for the purpose of putting together some shots for the wedding website they were creating.

So that’s how I happened to find myself spending a grand total of some 6 hours in London, 5 of which I spent shadowing the bride and groom.

Before we started I was a little worried as I was unable to obtain any of the lighting equipment I was hoping to use. All I had were two small flash guns which had trouble cycling at the speeds I wanted and as a result had inconsistent output levels.

But I worked with the limitations of my gear. I needn’t have worried. I was quite lucky as shooting them was made so much easier by the fact that they were quite relaxed with me behind the lens – even with my madly running around them with a flash fitted with a mini softbox.

It was indescribably rewarding to spend time with them both. For the most part they behaved as though I wasn’t even there, which gave me the chance to see how truly mad about each other they are.

We explored the hotel ballroom where they held their wedding (on the 23rd of July), we tore apart (what is now) their house together, and wandered around Regent’s Park. We talked, laughed, made fools of ourselves and generally had a riot of a time.

I eventually came away with some 106 shots I was happy with, and some truly amazing memories.

During the short time I was with them, the couple randomly moved through pretty much every state of marriage. Below are a selection of pictures illustrating what I mean (in no particular order).

The Romance.

The Rage and Violence.

The Power Struggle.

The Sharing.

The Fun.

And below, what is possibly my favourite picture of the day:

The Occasional Smothering.

More coming soon!


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