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August 25th, 2009

Capoeira Boys

Among the most memorable events of my last trip to Beirut took place late one night, as I was making my way to the after-party to a friend’s engagement:

I was kidnapped.

It happened just a few meters away from the entrance to White and the culprit was a blonde and blue-eyed lass named Ieva, who proceeded to speed away in a red Subaru.


The purpose?

Her latest assignment: shooting a fast food joint in Beirut’s Hamra district for Aishti’s Gossip Magazine.

Ieva is a freelance photographer and, in her spare time, a budding architect.

What you see here are a few great shots from her very impressive portfolio.Coffee

I accompanied my friend on her shoot – taking over various roles including those of a rather lazy assistant, a questionable bodyguard, general obstruction, subject, and even stand-up comedian.

The people at the fast food joint were super friendly and helpful, and the shoot was tremendous fun.Water Play

The outcome of the shoot should be available for your viewing pleasure in the next issue of Gossip Magazine (I might even be featured in it!).

Until then, check out more of Ieva’s photos here and on Facebook here.

Also, check out her coverage of the Patrouille des Cedres in Lebanon here.

If you can’t open the Facebook link and have a Facebook account, look for the group called “photo IS”.


On another note, look out for some more pictures by me to be posted in the next few days.


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The Return

August 16th, 2009

Well, the holiday’s over. I’m back in town.

I didn’t take as many pictures as I’d like on this last trip. But I do have quite a bit to share. Expect a series of posts in the coming few days.

Meanwhile, check out this fab making of short for the poster of the new season of the great Mad Men. Can’t wait to watch the new series.

So here’s the poster in question, brilliantly shot by Frank Ockenfels:

Mad Men S3 Poster

Mad Men S3 Poster

My thanks to Strobist for the tipoff re Mad Men (and the always excellent, insightful and interesting, and often quirky  lighting tips, hints and other photography pointers).


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Country Hopping

August 5th, 2009

Hey there!

I’m leaving town for a short while (Holiday! Yay!) so there may not be any new content for a couple of weeks. On the plus side I’ll hopefully be taking plenty of pictures so will have plenty to blag about when I get back.



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