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And Now For Something Completely Different. Again.

November 25th, 2010

The 2010 Formula 1 season came to a close with a dramatic sunset race in Abu Dhabi on the 14th of November, 2010.

Here are a few shots from that eventful day.

Above, a plane from Abu Dhabi Formula 1 sponsor Etihad Airways flies overhead before the start of the race.

Below is a shot of the aftermath of Schumacher’s terrible accident with Force India’s Vitantonio Liuzzi, mere moments after the race began. I was lucky enough to be seated in the North Grandstand with a spectacular view directly onto the spot where the accident occurred. You can find a short article in which Schumacher describes the experience here.

Thankfully, neither Schumacher nor Liuzzi was injured and both walked away fine, to cheering crowds. You can watch YouTube videos of the crash from different angles here and here.

Crew worked quite quickly to clear away the wreckage and debris, as the safety car led the remaining contenders on slow (for F1) laps around the circuit. The cars followed an alternate route avoiding the crash site until it was cleared.

Soon the race was under way again. Below is a shot from another location on the North Grandstand after the sun had set.

I didn’t take many pictures of the cars as they zipped by this race. I guess I must have gotten it out of my system during the first one.

I was more interested in taking different types of shots this time. Like the above view onto the race track with a man silhouetted and this silhouette of a woman sat alone while her companions went for drinks and food. It kinda looks like the entire race is stretched out only for her.

As you no doubt know, the race went to Red Bull Racing’s Vettel, who thereby secured the championship this year. Abu Dhabi seems to bring good luck to Red Bull Racing and to Sebastian Vettel in particular as this is the second time he’s won the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. I could I rephrase that in quite a few ways, and in doing so raise quite different connotations: Vettel has won every single Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to date. Vettel has won two Abu Dhabi Grand Prix races in a row. And so on…

On another note, check out the following:

Also, a quick note: If you’re in Kuwait, or planning to travel there, be aware that it seems Kuwaiti authorities have banned the use of DSLR cameras in public places. Check out the Kuwaiti Times article here. You might want to break out your EVIL cameras instead. 😉

More coming soon!


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And Now For Something Completely Different

November 14th, 2009

I finally figured out where I remember that phrase from!

It was a catchphrase used in the TV show Monty Python’s Flying Circus! It was also the title of a movie spin-off of the show. Apparently the origin of the phrase can be traced to the founding presenter of the British children’s television programme Blue Peter, who used it to introduce new segments.

Anyway, back to the point: I suppose it’s time for a break from Lebanon and Bangalore shots.

So: As you no doubt know, Abu Dhabi recently hosted the last Formula 1 Grand Prix of the 2009 season. It was an extraordinary event and I am eternally grateful to my clients and friends who invited my dad and I to attend the races and concerts with them.

I won’t go into how great the events were. There are plenty of places to read about them if you want to. 🙂

I was lucky enough to have had excellent seats at the main grandstand by the start and finish line, which gave me the opportunity to take some (I hope) interesting shots. So here are a few pictures from the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix:

Zoom-Zoom Under the Moon (D700, Tamron 24-135mm f/3.5-5.6 @ 24mm, f4, ISO 640, 1/400sec)

Ferrari! (D700, Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 @ 70mm, f2.8, ISO 200, 1/400sec)

A Sunset Race (D700, Tamron 24-135mm f/3.5-5.6 @ 24mm, f3.5, ISO 800, 1/200sec)

Buy Panasonic (D700, Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 @ 200mm, f2.8, ISO 200, 1/400sec)

Ferrari Roaring Past (D700, Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 @ 160mm, f2.8, ISO 200, 1/400sec)

Track Against The VIP Stalls & Full Moon (D700, Tamron 24-135mm f/3.5-5.6 @ 24mm, f4, ISO 640, 1/400sec)

I don’t know why I came out with so many shots of Ferrari’s…

More Ferrari! (D700, Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 @ 130mm, f2.8, ISO 200, 1/200sec)

This is my very favourite shot from the entire event. Occasionally, a helicopter carrying camera crew or VIPs would fly over the track. I managed to time it so that a helicopter and a car were in the same frame in a composition I liked.

Helicopter & F1 At Sunset (D700, Tamron 24-135mm f/3.5-5.6 @ 24mm, f3.5, ISO 800, 1/320sec)

Ze Winner (D700, Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 @ 200mm, f2.8, ISO 200, 1/320sec)

I managed to make my way to a spot just opposite the podium after the race, from which vantage point I was able to take some shots of the finale. I was just wishing I could get closer with my lens. May be time I invested in 200-400mm glass…

Red Bull's Vettel Raising His Trophy (D700, Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 @ 200mm, f2.8, ISO 640, 1/500sec)

I thought the photographers below the podium made for a rather interesting and unusual subject:

Photographers (D700, Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 @ 200mm, f2.8, ISO 640, 1/100sec)

And to close, the obligatory rose-water champagne shot:

Champagne Shower! (D700, Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 @ 200mm, f2.8, ISO 640, 1/500sec)

More pictures coming soon!


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