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November 22nd, 2012

This little guy sat in the same spot above my door for a few days, a warning to possible intruders.

It was quite tiny, measuring just a few centimeters, but that doesn’t make it’s sting any less redoubtable.

Not quite sure how it got there. I mean, yes, this a desert country, but I live in an apartment building…

More coming soon!




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Graffiti Town – Part II

July 24th, 2010

Carrying on from Part I, this is the second instalment of what I now hope to turn into a three-part series on graffiti, tagging and wall art in Brussels.

These shots here were taken in the underground parking lot of the building one of my friends lives in. The building was named after an English icon and so the running theme seems to be all-English.

According to my friend, the reason all this graffiti was done is as follows: The building was originally a hospital. After the hospital was relocated, the building was left empty for a time. During that period, graffiti artists took advantage and ended up spray painting goodly portions of it. Later, when the building was restored and converted into apartments, the developers chose to commission the wall art a selection of which you see here.

Nothing says posh like fur, clearly.

This way to the basement.

Public school, anyone?

Keeping the peace.

I’m guessing the area, not the football club.

Oddly, rugby was featured, but not football.

Car wash!

And of course, Ascot. I guess you can’t have walls covered in references to everything posh and not cover Ascot.

More coming soon!


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