The Chabrouh Dam

January 25th, 2010

That big massive wall above is the Chabrouh Dam. The yellow stone is supposed to help meld the wall of the dam with the surrounding mountainsides. From where I was standing, it seemed to be ineffective that way. Still, it does look pretty impressive. The 63 meter high dam is the largest in Lebanon and was inaugurated in 2007.

As we got closer to the dam, we passed a sign that proudly proclaimed, in both Arabic and English, that the Chabrouh dam area was home to an eco-friendly reforestation project. It was with no small measure of irony that I noted the pile of rusting iron dumped unceremoniously smack in the middle of the planted saplings, and just a few meters from the sign.

As I reached the foot of the dam, a lone figure walked out to the edge and looked down at the view below. Unfortunately, the figure disappeared before I could take a snap. I was incredibly lucky when the figure again came back to the edge and stood a moment. The clouds behind her parted just as I clicked.

My friends and I decided not to follow the long and windy road to the top of the dam (see the picture after the one here below). Instead, we decided to climb up the almost sheer wall of the dam. All 63 meters of it. Good fun and much-needed exercise (for me).

In the distance towards the top of the scene below you can glimpse the Faraya-Mzar skiing domains, the very top of the mountain snow-covered. We’ve had about 4 or 5 near constant days of rain and thunder and the temperature has dropped rather significantly. I would imagine that enough snow would have fallen by now to warrant the opening of the ski slopes…

Towards the bottom of the picture you can see myriads of saplings peppered across the slopes: the first signs of the reforestation project.

The patches of cloud spread across the sky were just stunning:

The scene below is of the reservoir hidden behind the dam. The reservoir has a capacity of some 8 million cubic meters of water and is about 1300 meters long. The water level seemed relatively low when I was there, but I’m sure with the steady rains we’ve been having as I write this, the water level must have risen somewhat. I would imagine the scene would be somewhat different as well, with the peaks all in white. Perhaps I may take myself back up there to take a look…

The image below is an HDR, created out of 5 different exposures.

More pictures coming soon!


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  1. Zina Says:

    Dam(n)! very nice pics, youve got a great eye 🙂

  2. Z! Says:

    Hey, thanks a lot Zina! Glad you enjoyed them. 🙂

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