Graffiti Town – Part IV

October 5th, 2010

Seems Barcelona, Spain is about as graffiti-mad as any place could be. And here I’d thought that Brussels, Belgium would win the “Look-I’m-Plastered-With-Graffiti” prize (see earlier Graffiti Town series Part I, Part II and Part III).

So, here is the first of an additional two parts to the Graffiti Town series.


It’s poker time!

I’ll have a little Dali with my coffee, thank you.

…and then have some more Dali with my beer.

You can’t really go anywhere in Barcelona without tripping over a mermaid.

What I don’t get is why there’s blood dripping from the moon’s lips… Vampire Moon?

Ok, why is Woody Woodpecker checking out Jessica Rabbit’s tush? I mean, I know why. I guess the question is, why is she looking at him that way, and where’s Roger Rabbit?

On another note, that STILL is an awesome movie.

Faintly Aztec-ish, perhaps?

…or not.

‘Cause lions need haircuts (manecuts?) too…

More coming soon!


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5 Responses to “Graffiti Town – Part IV”

  1. Jomana Says:

    Tsk tsk! It’s Woody Woodpecker letching on poor Roger Rabbit’s Jessica Rabbit! Where’s Roger?! Poor Poor Roger..

  2. Z! Says:

    Argh. You’re right. Woody Woodpecker it is. Oops. Dunno where my head’s been at. *sigh*

  3. Z! Says:

    Ok. Corrected in the text. But not before the mailing list went out. Ah well. Thx again, anyway.

  4. Jomana Says:

    Hehe no problem! Happy to be the cartoon character adviser on the panel..congratulations on your dad’s award! great pics!

  5. Z! Says:

    Why, thankee very kindly. 🙂

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